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About Us

A-PAC Controls is a skilled team of engineers who have come together to expertly handle project design, system integration, migration, and modification for a variety of commonly-used control platforms.

  • Comprised of individuals with a range of specialized skills and knowledge areas.
  • Thriving on tackling complex issues with creative and innovative solutions.
  • Understanding the importance of precision in engineering work to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Efficiently allocating time and resources to meet deadlines without compromising quality.
  • Delivering high-quality, reliable, and robust solutions or products.
  • Dedication to putting in the effort required to meet and exceed project goals.

Integrity, precision, and innovation are the cornerstones of our team's culture. We operate with unwavering integrity, ensuring that our work meets the highest ethical standards. Precision is embedded in every detail of our projects, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency. Innovation fuels our journey, as we constantly seek new approaches and technologies to overcome challenges.

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Years of combined experience


Comprehensive Engineering Solutions: Expertise in Design, Analysis, and Optimization. From Concept to Completion, We Engineer Excellence.

PLC and HMI Programming

Proven track record in developing and design automation systems for diverse applications.

Panel Building

Meticulous attention to detail ensures that every panel we build is a testament to safety, reliability, and optimal performance.

Electrical Design

Experienced Electrical Designer adept at creating precise electrical schematics and layouts for a wide range of projects.

Custom Machining

Equipped with advanced CNC technology, our team of skilled machinists ensures that each part meets exact specifications, every time.

DCS Programming

We specialize in designing, configuring, and optimizing DCS architectures, ensuring seamless control and monitoring of intricate industrial processes.

Process Simulation

Let us help you unlock the full potential of your operations through advanced simulation techniques./

Data Collecting Solution

Expertise in IoT integration, sensor deployment, and real-time data analytics.

Project Management

Proven track record in budgeting, resource allocation, and timeline management.

System Upgrade and Migration

With extensive experience in handling diverse platforms and technologies, we ensure a seamless transition from legacy systems to cutting-edge solutions.

Alarm Management

Alarm management is a critical aspect of industrial operations, requiring specialized knowledge in configuring, prioritizing, and responding to alarms effectively.

Complex Loop Tuning

Our team specializes in fine-tuning intricate control loops, ensuring optimal performance in even the most challenging industrial processes.

Emergency Support

From troubleshooting critical issues to implementing contingency plans, we're the trusted partner you can count on in times of crisis.


Our team specializes in process control solutions tailored to a wide range of industries.

Oil and Gas

Our team boasts extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry, with a deep understanding of upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.

Power Generation

Our team of power generation experts possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in various energy sources, from traditional fossil fuels to cutting-edge renewable technologies.


Trust us to empower your operations with the expertise that meets the industry's highest standards.

Material Handling

From conveyor systems to automated warehousing solutions, we specialize in designing, implementing, and optimizing processes that ensure seamless movement and storage of goods.


With a deep understanding of industrial systems and a meticulous approach, we ensure every step of production is optimized for efficiency and quality.

Water & Waste Water Treatment

Experts in this field excel in designing, implementing, and fine-tuning control strategies for pumps, valves, sensors, and various treatment components.

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